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Arts On 2 - alexs pate Driving the Distance
The simple expression of anger is making its way into theater, museums and art. To really understand the experiences of these people, you must drive the distance and get out…
04:03 02/01/1994
Arts On 2 - alexs pate on Homer Jackson
On Homer Jackson, performance artist from Philadelphia.…
04:30 05/05/1992
Arts On 2 - Arts On 2: Learning Experiences
Forever a student with photography and ballet, alexs pate has a question, and the University Showboat Theater.…
26:53 02/01/1994
Arts On 2 - Drive the Distance
The arts brings us increased interaction between cultures and communities.…
04:38 12/03/1992
Arts On 2 - The Southern Theater
The Southern was just one of many theaters on Hennepin avenue in downtown Minneapolis. It's been home for live performances of various kinds since the turn of the century and…
15:24 03/23/1994