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Portrait - The Old alexs pate
Coming from Philly for a corporate job, pate saw himself as a businessman enjoying his time in the corporate world. However, he hated Minnesota for various reasons. Smugness, lack of…
04:12 05/07/1991
Sonia Sanchez: The Power Of The Word -
Poet, playwright and author Sonia Sanchez reads and discusses her work with alexs pate; produced with the Givens Foundation for African American Literature.…
56:39 2009-02-15
Sonia Sanchez: The Power Of The Word - A Love Haiku is
Sonia Sanchez and alexs pate discuss what a Haiku is.…
09:31 02/15/2009
Sonia Sanchez: The Power Of The Word - Introduction to Sonia
Author alexs pate introduce the audience to the key speaker, Sonia Sanchez.…
06:52 02/15/2009
Sonia Sanchez: The Power Of The Word - Music while Writing
Sonia Sanchez talks about how she uses music in her writing.…
05:29 02/15/2009