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Patricia Smith: The Power Of The Word - Patricia Smith Introduction
alexs pate introduces poet and author Patricia Smith.…
05:25 02/20/2011
Portrait - alexs pate
After many years of working in the corporate world, he decided to change direction in life and being to pursue writing. He's guest curator of Intermediate Arts in Minneapolis and…
28:00 05/07/1991
Portrait - Family Life in Philly
His commitment as a writer started when his dad passed away. pate's father had a great spirit for life and pate wanted to use that energy to live his life…
07:38 05/07/1991
Portrait - Looking for a Purpose
pate found his writing gift in the most unusual place, the Navy. Looking for purpose in his life, pate thought the Navy could give that to him, but he found…
05:15 05/07/1991
Portrait - Out of His Element
Growing up and always living in the city, pate is comfortable. However, when he has to leave and head to a small, all white town somewhere in Minnesota, he admits…
09:36 05/07/1991