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Almanac - Sold Down The River
Dayton's became Marshall Fields and now it's been sold to May department stores of St. Louis. Will there still be a holiday display on the 8th floor?…
05:34 06/11/2004
Almanac - Sound Crawl
St. Paul has an art crawl on October 8th... but did you know that it also has a sound crawl the same night... catering to fans of electronic music? Part…
03:04 10/08/2010
Almanac - SPCO Performs Beethoven
Sunday at 8:30 pm TPT and the SPCO team up once again to bring you a performance from the Ordway Center. SPCO President Bruce Coppock joins us live to talk…
08:40 05/23/2003
Almanac - This Is Only a Test...
New federal school testing requirements may mean that the state will need to scrap its own 8th grade basic skills test.…
10:56 11/22/2002
Almanac - Torrential rains, Mom & Pop Resorts, GOP AG candidate
Stormy steamy weather, State Capitol preservation, remembering Barbara Carlson, summertime road construction, GOP Attorney General candidate, resort life up north, Greater Minnesota political panel.…
01:02:53 07/13/2018