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Integrated energy solutions - Full Show
Sister cities Morris, Minnesota and Saerbeck, Germany are showing how communities can meet their energy needs by combining coal and gas with renewable sources like solar and wind for a…
26:40 03/01/2015
Integrated energy solutions - Germany's Community Approach
A global leader in sustainable energies, Germany has empowered its citizens to invest in a renewable future. The rural community of Saerbeck shows us that sustainability isn't just for large…
07:34 03/01/2015
Integrated energy solutions - Minnesota's energy Resources
Minnesota's abundant natural resources make it an ideal state to produce sustainable energies. Lawmakers, energy providers and citizens are learning to harvest wind, solar and biomass energies.…
08:09 03/01/2015
Integrated energy solutions - The Morris Model
The University of Minnesota Morris has partnered with its own students to explore many different types of renewable energies. Their cutting-edge research and innovations provide an exciting example of future-focused…
08:54 03/01/2015
New energy - "The Saudi Arabia Of Switchgrass"
Biomass energy - like ethanol - has major impacts on both rural and urban communities. Large scale manufacturing of ethanol has environmental consequences. Cellulosic processes may provide solutions.…
06:36 01/07/2007