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Amiri Baraka: The Power Of The Word -
Black Arts poet Amiri Baraka reads from his work, & discusses writing, politics & the Black experience with author alexs pate.…
56:40 2008-10-12
Amiri Baraka: The Power Of The Word - "Poetry is Labor"
pate interviews Baraka about his works. Baraka recites his poem called "In Town."…
09:20 10/12/2008
Amiri Baraka: The Power Of The Word - Amiri Baraka Symbolizes...
Alex pate introduces us to the life of Amiri Baraka. Poet Amiri Baraka recites his poem "Somebody Blew Up America."…
18:28 10/12/2008
Amiri Baraka: The Power Of The Word - Study and Learn
Baraka explains the "winning times" before he recites "Dig This Out."…
09:41 10/12/2008
Arts On 2 - 1992 Art
How was your experience with art in 1992? Hear what our local theater directors and critics has to say about the arts in 1992.…
06:01 12/17/1992