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HighWay 100 ''Lilac Drive'' - Rerouted by WWI
After construction delays during WWI, HighWay 100 then was overwhelmed by post-war development.…
02:24 09/26/2001
HighWay 100 ''Lilac Drive'' - Overgrown Lilacs
The expansion of the suburbs Lilac Way first served brought an end to the highWay's park-like appearance.…
02:37 09/26/2001
HighWay 100 ''Lilac Drive'' - Father of the Belt Line
HighWay engineer Carl Graeser championed the idea of a "Belt Line" throughout the 1920s.…
05:02 09/26/2001
HighWay 100 ''Lilac Drive'' - Planting Lilacs
Landscape architect Arthur Nichols formed an unlikely partnership with a group of Golden Valley housewives.…
07:01 09/26/2001
HighWay 100 ''Lilac Drive'' - Economic Salvation
Built during the Great Depression, HighWay 100 transformed the Twin Cities, creating suburbs out of small villages.…
07:43 09/26/2001