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Food, Fuel And Climate Change -
The effects of climate change are discussed by explorer Will Steger, agricultural and land use experts from Austria and America, and farmers who face the impact and challenges every day.…
26:40 2009-03-15
Food, Fuel And Climate Change - Changing Landscapes, Changing Climates
Experts address the issue of how changing landscapes affect climate, recreation and water quality in Minnesota, Austria, and across the globe.…
05:11 03/15/2009
Food, Fuel And Climate Change - The Practice of Sustainability
Experts address how climate change affects organic agriculture, and lay out how Austria ranks in the world of organic farming.…
04:48 03/15/2009
Portrait - Childhood
Horst grew up in Austria in the aftermath of World War II. Childhood poverty drove him to be an entrepreneur at an early age.…
03:15 05/20/1991
Portrait - Portrait: Horst
Born in Austria, Horst applied the natural science of his mother's home remedies to create the Aveda empire. Many consider him arrogant, while others call him passionate, spiritual and dedicated.…
27:45 05/20/1991