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cass gilbert: Standing The Test Of Time - His Potential
As a small boy, gilbert's mother knew her son was different. His artistic talent blossomed when he attended MIT, where he was trained in techniques of drawing and design.…
06:09 01/09/2005
Gracious Spaces: Clarence H. Johnston, Minnesota Architect - A New Minnesota Architect is Born
Trace Johnston's early family life and first apprenticeship working for prominent St. Paul architect, Abraham M. Radcliffe where he also first meets cass gilbert where a fast friendship is formed.…
02:55 09/27/2011
James J. Hill: Empire Builder - Tough Times
A huge moment of triumph for Hill turned into the worst year to operate a railroad, all transcontinental railroads went bankrupt (except his). He faced one of the biggest obstacles…
09:48 01/09/2006