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Turning Point - 2/15/1984: Death in the West 0:58:40 02/15/1984
The Twin Cities premiere of controversial anti-smoking documentary "Death in the West" and a look at what some call the smoking problem in Minnesota.

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Turning Point - 1/25/84: Asbestos: The Unseen Danger 0:58:49 01/25/1984
A look at the increasing concerns about asbestos in our homes and buildings.

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Turning Point - 12/27/83: Our Restless Faith 0:57:41 12/27/1983
A look at the increase of religion and confusion about their beliefs in Minnesota.

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Turning Point - 11/21/1983: Crimes of Conscience 0:58:50 11/21/1983
A look at the social and legal consequences of protests at Honeywell in Minneapolis.

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Turning Point - 10/26/83: Seasons of Change 0:57:46 10/26/1983
New concerns about Minnesota climate and the impacts the Greenhouse Effect could have.