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E Connection - Episode 1 0:26:45 03/21/1997
On this premiere episode of E Connection, learn how the Mighty Mississippi affects the area's ecosystem, how prairie fires help restore natural habitats and hear from a family who's gone "off the...

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E Connection - Episode 2 0:26:45 03/21/1997
Take a rare look into natural areas dedicated to protect endangered species, find out how housing development effects the environment, and follow some bird watchers as they track our state's best...

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E Connection - Episode 3 0:26:45 03/21/1997
E Connection goes online to learn more about state parks and migrating birds. Plus, hear from wind energy technicians and a sustainable clothing retailer.

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E Connection - Episode 5 0:26:45 03/21/1997
Just how important is biodiversity? There may be some long term implications for the loss of diversity. How can you be sure your food is safe? How do landowners work together to preserve old growth...

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E Connection - Episode 4 0:26:45 03/14/1997
How do we know the climate is changing? What's the best way to make electricity? Why is a wet land better than a lawn? This episode digs up answers to these questions and more.