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Portrait - Belinda Martinez and Judge Mary Louise Klas 0:28:49 05/28/1991
Her childhood dreams of marriage and children turned into a nightmare of physical abuse and welfare dependency. She lived to tell the tale and is now working as a sign language interpreter.

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Portrait - Nellie Stone-Johnson and Ann Fredkove 0:28:51 06/13/1991
Just turned 85 years old, she grew up on a farm in Minnesota and was influenced by her parents' activism in local politics and education. She's made history as the first African-American elected to...

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Portrait - Pastor Diane Sadravi and Noemi Trevino 0:28:58 06/25/1991
As an African-American Lutheran, she sometimes feels at odds with her mostly white brethren. In her role as pastor of a north side Minneapolis church, she helped establish the Civilian Review Board...

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Portrait - Mitchell Pearlstein and Amon Petersen 0:29:02 06/06/1991
As founder and President of a Minnesota based think tank, The Center of the American Experiment, he brings a conservative view point to the debate on issues facing Minnesota and the Nation.

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Portrait - Susie Doherty 0:56:31 01/26/1993
The daughter of an addicted mother, she was sexually abused as a child. At 14, she left her small Minnesota town for Dallas, Texas. That trip began her life in a world of gangs, heroin and...