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KTCA Reports - State of the Union
KTCA Reports - State of the Union 01/28/1992
Reactions and followup conversations after President George Bush's State of the Union Address in 1992.

KTCA Reports - Gangs, Cops, and Courts
KTCA Reports - Gangs, Cops, and Courts 0:56:40 01/21/1992
An in depth look at racial issues between cops and gangs and racial bias in courts. Hear the reasons why someone would join a gang, get a different perspective from the cops point of view, and hear...

KTCA Reports - Legislative Preview
KTCA Reports - Legislative Preview 0:58:43 01/07/1992
With the Legislature back in session, we'll take you through the new measures making their way through the session, the issues of money and fixing the deficit and hear what the paid observers have to...

KTCA Reports - Housing Crisis
KTCA Reports - Housing Crisis 0:56:40 12/12/1991
Housing issues in Minnesota and programs to help people keep homes and out of shelters.

KTCA Reports - St. Paul
KTCA Reports - St. Paul's Past 0:56:26 12/10/1991
Take a look at some of St. Paul's well known places and learn about their history.