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KTCA Reports - Hate in Minnesota
KTCA Reports - Hate in Minnesota 0:56:42 04/28/1992
View a documentary on the motivation for hate, violence between races, and solutions to hatred and intolerance in America. Then follow-up with a discussion of local Minnesotans to talk about the...

KTCA Reports - Health Care Call-In
KTCA Reports - Health Care Call-In 0:56:41 04/21/1992
Despite the media coverage of the new health plan for all Minnesotans, Healthright, many still have questions. Tonight's KTCA takes calls from viewers all over the state with their questions on...

KTCA Reports - Housing Crisis
KTCA Reports - Housing Crisis 0:56:41 12/12/1991
Housing issues in Minnesota and programs to help people keep homes and out of shelters.

KTCA Reports - How Much Is Too Much?
KTCA Reports - How Much Is Too Much? 0:56:40 12/22/1992
Hazel O'Leary was nominated by Bill Clinton as the new Secretary of Energy, hear her point of view on the position. Environmentalists arguing over the trees in Minnesota, the Hennepin County Detox...

KTCA Reports - It
KTCA Reports - It's Time Minnesota 0:28:45 04/27/1993
Minnesota is the 8th state to pass gay rights law. This historic event couldn't happen without the support and hard work of many individuals. This is the story of how they won.