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KTCA Reports - It
KTCA Reports - It's Time Minnesota 0:28:45 04/27/1993
Minnesota is the 8th state to pass gay rights law. This historic event couldn't happen without the support and hard work of many individuals. This is the story of how they won.

KTCA Reports - Transportation
KTCA Reports - Transportation 0:56:40 04/19/1993
The need for mass transit grows in Minneapolis and in St. Paul. Heated debates are occurring regarding funding, development, political interests, and the environment. This KTCA Reports takes a look...

KTCA Reports - Violence Against Women
KTCA Reports - Violence Against Women 0:56:35 04/13/1993
There is a growing trend of women speaking out against violence. In this episode of KTCA Reports, you'll hear personal stories of sexual assault victims as well as advocate's who are trying to...

KTCA Reports - School Problems
KTCA Reports - School Problems 0:56:57 03/30/1993
Tough problems plague our schools, especially in middle schools. Problems like truancy, test scores, violence in classrooms.

KTCA Reports - 
KTCA Reports -  0:56:23 03/02/1993
With the financial stability of NWA in jeopardy, our panelists discuss the new proposal. Also, the North American Free Trade Agreement is a hot topic tonight. Senator Wellstone visits Mexico to see...