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KTCA Reports - Malcolm X
KTCA Reports - Malcolm X 0:56:14 11/24/1992
Explore the life and legacy of Malcolm X and the significance of Spike Lee's movie portraying his life.

KTCA Reports - 
KTCA Reports -  0:56:59 12/15/1992
An analysis of President elect Bill Clinton's economic conference, an in depth look at girls in sports and the media, and boundary waters canoe area wants to close truck portages but some are...

KTCA Reports - How Much Is Too Much?
KTCA Reports - How Much Is Too Much? 0:56:40 12/22/1992
Hazel O'Leary was nominated by Bill Clinton as the new Secretary of Energy, hear her point of view on the position. Environmentalists arguing over the trees in Minnesota, the Hennepin County Detox...

KTCA Reports - Foster Care
KTCA Reports - Foster Care 0:56:40 01/19/1993
We take a look a the foster care system in Minnesota with a focus on why Hennepin county is having trouble placing children of color in foster care. The Heritage Act was passed to help children be...

KTCA Reports - Race Relations Part 1
KTCA Reports - Race Relations Part 1 0:27:05 01/26/1993
Hear from real Minnesotans about the race relations here. How have they improved or not improved? First, we'll talk to local Edina residents and then we'll get reaction from our guests in the studio.