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Album - Kitchi Gammi Club
Album - Kitchi Gammi Club 0:29:19 09/03/2009
Historical and architectural tour of Duluth's Kitchi Gammi Club

Album - Snowmobile Part 2
Album - Snowmobile Part 2 0:25:37 09/01/2009
Snowmobiling is enormously popular in the North Country. However, this is the second golden age for the sport that saw one peak in the 60s and 70s. On the second of two parts, we'll explore early...

Album - Snowmobiles Part 1
Album - Snowmobiles Part 1 0:26:11 08/31/2009
It's hard to imagine, but before the 1950s, Snowmobiles as we know them didn't exist. The first of two episodes, Album chronicles the early work of snowmobiling pioneers and the rise of the industry.

Album - Consumed by the Flames Part 2
Album - Consumed by the Flames Part 2 0:24:55 08/12/2009
The fire of 1918 left over 400 residents dead and thousands without homes. Survivors fought back by rebuilding and taking on the railroad administration.

Album - Consumed by the Flames Part 1
Album - Consumed by the Flames Part 1 0:30:43 08/11/2009
On October 12th, 1918, fires across the region killed hundreds of people and left thousands homeless. It was the worst disaster in Minnesota history. Part one covers the disaster, towns it destroyed...