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What Is Race?
What Is Race? 0:27:08 04/22/2007
Contemporary issues involving race, families and society, created for a touring museum exhibit.

When I Think Of Home
When I Think Of Home 0:26:01 09/23/2007
A program that profiles families dealing with situational homelessness.

Whistleblowing Or Leaking?
Whistleblowing Or Leaking? 0:58:45 11/25/2006
A federal judge & journalists discuss whether divulging secrets serves or endangers the public. Co-produced with William Mitchell College of Law.

Why Transit?
Why Transit? 0:26:40 07/27/2014
Is light rail the way to go? Community leaders debate the merits of the Twin Cities current transit plans which will likely influence housing and economic development. Produced with the...

Women In Elective Office
Women In Elective Office 0:53:44 12/31/2005
Donna Brazile speaks about pushing women up to higher elective office and what it will take for a woman to win. Co-produced with MN Women's Campaign Fund.