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Scandinavia Tonight
Scandinavia Tonight 1:26:55 09/30/1982
The MN Orchestra conducted by Neville Marriner with special guests

Schoolhouse To Jailhouse
Schoolhouse To Jailhouse 0:26:39 08/16/2009
A program that profiles the work of the Youth Law Project and describes the "school to prison pipeline" phenomenon, demonstrating how youth end up in the delinquency system because they do not...

Senate Debate 1984 0:57:40 10/28/1984
Live coverage of the League of Women Voters Senate Debate '84.

Senate Race MN: 3 Big Moments
Senate Race MN: 3 Big Moments  (1 episode) Various 2008

Sevarid, Salisbury, Resoner: Three American Reporters
Sevarid, Salisbury, Resoner: Three American Reporters 0:58:51 12/01/1980
American journalism ... where it is at and where it is going. Three renowned reporters with roots in MN discuss their profession with Mpls StarTribune editor Charles W. Bailey.