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Musical Bridges: Nour
Musical Bridges: Nour 0:56:46 04/20/2008
A performance by Nour, a musical group that plays Middle Eastern music using traditional instruments. Many of the group's songs are sung in languages other than English.

Music Showcase: A Minnesota Original Special
Music Showcase: A Minnesota Original Special  (1 episode) Various 2014

Museums Creating Community
Museums Creating Community 0:26:40 05/06/2012
The role and value of museums as they reflect their communities, preserve traditions and inspire generations; produced with the MN Assn. of Museums.

Moving Upstream, Working Together
Moving Upstream, Working Together 0:56:54 02/04/2007
Former Health Commissioner Jan Malcolm leads a panel of national experts, exploring the impact of social, economic and environmental influences on health.

Moving The Debate On Health Care Reform
Moving The Debate On Health Care Reform 0:56:40 09/07/2008
In Moving the Debate on Health Care Reform educators, policy makers and business leaders look at the future of health care. Co-production with AARP.

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