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Elder Victims: Abused, Exploited, Alone
Elder Victims: Abused, Exploited, Alone 0:26:41 06/16/2013
Elder abuse often goes unnoticed. The most common types of elder abuse include financial and physical abuse, in addition to negligence. Sadly, more often than not, family and friends perpetrate this...

Electronicle  (22 episodes) Various 1979-1980

Emerging Health Solutions
Emerging Health Solutions 0:27:23 01/18/2009
"Emerging Health Solutions" focuses on the profiles of three patients and their stories, designed to educate the public of services offered and new technologies being utilized in the health care...

Encounters With Minnesota Artists
Encounters With Minnesota Artists  (5 episodes) Various 1979-1980
1 (series)

End-Of-Life Choices: Through History
End-Of-Life Choices: Through History  (1 episode) Various 2011