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Prized Writers
Prized Writers  (4 episodes) Various 2009-2017

Prostitution: Beyond The Myths
Prostitution: Beyond The Myths 0:28:08 09/01/2007
A new view on the oldest profession-the reality, cost, need for change, and incredible stories of survival from women that have been there.

Public Affairs Mayoral Debate  (1 episode) Various 1993

The People of the Big Lake
The People of the Big Lake 0:54:57 12/16/2012
The traditions of the Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe, shown in historic film footage and today, demonstrates the importance of family, relationships and cultural continuity among this Band from central...

The Power of the Arts
The Power of the Arts 0:26:40 09/14/2008
Art organizations are part of the fabric of every community. See how five different organizations celebrate diversity, build community and transform lives in the Twin Cities.