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Live From Lunds
Live From Lunds 0:08:28 02/01/1983
An artistic take on grocery shopping at Lunds. Keep an eye out for Snow White.

Living Fully: Your Partners In Hospice
Living Fully: Your Partners In Hospice 0:26:39 08/01/2010
This is an enlightening look into the role of the hospice team in navigating the end of life experience. Co Produced by St. Josephs HealthEast.

Living With A Hole In Your Pocket
Living With A Hole In Your Pocket 0:55:11 05/17/2008
The working poor are in a vicious cycle of welfare, housing assistance, and red tape. Take a look at who the working poor are and hear their struggles with the systems that are in place to help.

Living With Hospice
Living With Hospice 0:28:29 11/13/2005
A poignant documentary by TPT award-winning producer Daniel Bergin spotlights stories of families and their experiences in hospice. Produced by Twin Cities Public Television and Hospice Minnesota on...

Living with Parkinson
Living with Parkinson's 0:26:41 04/27/2014
There are few words harder to hear than "you have Parkinson's." This documentary uses personal testimonials to explore the physical, emotional, and financial challenges that stem from such a...