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Prairie Castles
Prairie Castles 0:28:23 09/29/1979
Nationally recognized Minneapolis photographer, Frank Goldkey travels through Minnesota, North and South Dakota to capture the beauty of Midwestern landscapes and grain elevators.

Prairie School Architecture
Prairie School Architecture 0:27:40 05/05/1983
The Prairie School Architects came of age in the early 20th century. Their principles were that buildings exist in harmony with nature, they should meet the needs of people using it, never imitate...

Prescription Overload: Managing Meds
Prescription Overload: Managing Meds 0:26:40 10/17/2010
Researchers at the U of M help pharmacists in Germany and the US play a larger role in guiding patients with their prescribed medication therapies. A co-production of UMCGES.

Prevention: Rx for a Healthier Minnesota
Prevention: Rx for a Healthier Minnesota 0:28:58 02/25/2007
Innovative community prevention strategies are keys to a healthier Minnesota.

Prized Performers: A Musical Competition
Prized Performers: A Musical Competition 0:28:58 11/04/2007
Outstanding young classical musicians compete for scholarships from The Schubert Club of St. Paul.