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Political Conventions & Campaign Civility
Political Conventions & Campaign Civility 0:55:00 12/29/2007
Mike Berman, organizer of 6 national conventions, delivers the first Sieur du Luth Lecture. Co-produced w/ U of M Duluth Office of the Chancellor.

Portrait  (85 episodes) Various 1991-2007

Possibility 0:28:33 10/26/2003
This program explores definitions, perceptions, misperceptions and the reality of disability.

Poverty End Date: A Forum
Poverty End Date: A Forum 0:56:40 09/28/2009
A panel of experts discusses the notion of being able to end poverty by 2020. Co-produced with Northwest Area Foundation.

Power of Volunteerism
Power of Volunteerism 0:28:38 05/06/2007
Stories and interviews that exemplify the power of volunteerism.