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Meth: Shadow Across America
Meth: Shadow Across America 0:28:17 09/12/2004
The abuse and manufacture of methamphetamine (meth), a powerful stimulant drug, is changing the American landscape. Listen as the experts discuss what meth is, the dangers of meth labs, meth...

Michael Graves On Design
Michael Graves On Design 0:58:04 07/31/2004
Janet Abrams, director of the University of Minnesota's design department talks with Architect Michael Graves on his designs, the expansion of the Children's Museum and his recent illness.

Mind-Body Dialogues 0:56:40 01/12/2014
The mind-body relationship is discussed; including disability, health care, mental health, caregivers, and faith. Moderated by Almanac's Cathy Wurzer. Produced with the University of St. Thomas.

Mind-Body Dialogues: Healing Stories
Mind-Body Dialogues: Healing Stories 0:56:41 02/08/2015
The mind-body relationship is discussed and touches on topics including disability, health care, mental health, caregivers, and faith.

Ming In Minneapolis
Ming In Minneapolis 09/04/1998
Follow the path of one 17th Century Ming Dynasty home from China to Minnesota. It's painstakingly reassembled and exhibited to convey it's complex historical significance.

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