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Legacy Of A Leader: Elmer Andersen
Legacy Of A Leader: Elmer Andersen 0:26:39 06/14/2009
The life and accomplishments of Governor Elmer Andersen are appreciated through interviews and historic clips. Co-produced with the UM Libraries.

Legend Of The Wolf
Legend Of The Wolf 04/10/1990
The wolf is surrounded by myths and folklore. Learn more about the relationship between the wolf, the land, and the people who either kill them or save them.

Lending A Hand: The Wakanheza Project
Lending A Hand: The Wakanheza Project 0:27:23 04/12/2008
Learn how the Wakanheza Project assists parents with situations that may come up regarding how children and teenagers act in public. It's not always what outsiders see.

Life After Meth
Life After Meth 0:28:21 01/30/2005
Each year thousands of people receive treatment for methamphetamine and acquire the tools and support they need to turn their lives around. The Hazelden Foundation and TPT's Minnesota Channel...

Life And Politics: A Conversation
Life And Politics: A Conversation 12/18/2011
Former Senator and Vice President Walter Mondale and A Prairie Home Companion host Garrison Keillor meet on stage at a convocation to discuss their college days, politics and the state of the nation....