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Engineering MN
Engineering MN's Future: Betty Shanahan 0:56:40 06/08/2008
The need to focus on math, science and technology education has never been greater. Betty Shanahan of the Society of Women Engineers discusses what Minnesota can do to help.

Engineering, MN
Engineering, MN's Future: George Buckley 0:57:52 03/24/2007
George Buckley, president & CEO of 3M speaks about what MN needs to do to be a world-wide leader in engineering. Co-produced w/ the MN High Tech Assoc.

Equine Forestry
Equine Forestry 0:25:38 01/12/2008
Horses have been used for many years to help harvest wood. They are environmentally friendlier compared to using machines and leave the woods with minimal damage.

Everyday Heroes: John Turnipseed
Everyday Heroes: John Turnipseed 0:26:19 09/15/2007
A profile of an individual success story co-produced with AMICUS

Everyday Heroes: Richard Copeland
Everyday Heroes: Richard Copeland 0:27:41 09/08/2007
A profile of an individual success story co-produced with MEDa.