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Twin Cities Gay Men
Twin Cities Gay Men's Chorus 0:56:40 06/21/2008
"Through a Glass, Darkly" shows the issues of meth addiction in the gay community.

Terrorists On Trial After Guantanamo
Terrorists On Trial After Guantanamo 0:56:40 06/28/2009
Legal experts discuss whether the criminal justice system can handle terrorism cases in the current day. Co-produced w/ William Mitchell College of Law.

TRANSPLANT: A GIFT FOR LIFE 0:56:40 03/20/2012
Transplant: A Gift for Life reveals the powerful emotions and cutting-edge science involved in vital organ transplant. Told through multiple real-life stories, this one-hour documentary demonstrates...

Tobacco Addiction: The Unfiltered Truth
Tobacco Addiction: The Unfiltered Truth 0:56:41 11/07/2010
Four Minnesotans explore their tobacco addiction from first puff through attempts to quit and health issues. Co-produced with ClearWay Minnesota.

Transistorized! 0:56:46 09/01/1999
Transistorized! Traces the discovery, invention and impact of the transistor, perhaps the most important invention of the 20th century. Hosted by Ira Flatow, the documentary recounts how American...