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Pets In The Crossfire Of Family Violence
Pets In The Crossfire Of Family Violence 0:59:00 08/04/2007
A program exploring the links between pet abuse, child abuse and family violence.

PICASSO 0:28:30 03/17/1980
After his death in 1973 Pablo Picasso left an enormous amount of important paintings, sculptures and drawings. This is the story of Picasso's personal collection and the its journey to an exhibition...

Pinchas Zukerman 0:28:48 01/01/1982
Master Class with Pinchas Zukerman

Planting Creativity: Artists, Place & Transit 0:26:41 08/24/2014
Faced with major light rail construction, neighborhood businesses and artists revitalize distressed communities through art and collaboration. Hundreds of creative projects, from massive murals to...

Police & Community Working Together
Police & Community Working Together 0:25:54 10/14/2006
The documentary explores dynamics between police and diverse immigrant communities.