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Littlest Immigrant
Littlest Immigrant 0:25:14 04/01/1983
An in-depth look at Korean adoptions in the U.S. Thousands of children came to the U.S. from Korea per year in the early 80's, what was life like during the transition process and how are they...

Legacy Of A Leader: Elmer Andersen
Legacy Of A Leader: Elmer Andersen 0:26:39 06/14/2009
The life and accomplishments of Governor Elmer Andersen are appreciated through interviews and historic clips. Co-produced with the UM Libraries.

Leading Women: Reatha Clark King
Leading Women: Reatha Clark King 0:26:39 04/12/2009
Reatha Clark King shares her inspiring story of a small town girl who becomes a leader in business and education; with the Women's Foundation of MN.

Life Changing Art
Life Changing Art 0:26:39 06/13/2010
Through images women artists, aged 60 to 80, explore what they cannot say in words about the experience of growing old. Co-produced with Hennepin County Library.

Living Fully: Your Partners In Hospice
Living Fully: Your Partners In Hospice 0:26:39 08/01/2010
This is an enlightening look into the role of the hospice team in navigating the end of life experience. Co Produced by St. Josephs HealthEast.