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Late Life
Late Life  (33 episodes) Various 2014-2015

Left Behind: The Early Learning Crisis
Left Behind: The Early Learning Crisis 0:26:41 02/26/2012
Success in life begins very early, yet half of Minnesota's children are not ready for kindergarten, and may not catch up. Up to 90% of brain development happens before age 5. Innovations among...

Living with Parkinson
Living with Parkinson's 0:26:41 04/27/2014
There are few words harder to hear than "you have Parkinson's." This documentary uses personal testimonials to explore the physical, emotional, and financial challenges that stem from such a...

Land Of Lakes Choirboys Backstage
Land Of Lakes Choirboys Backstage 0:26:45 04/29/2007
The Choirboys prepare for a performance with trumpeter Doc Severinson at Minnesota's Orchestra Hall. Co-produced with the Land of Lakes Choirboys.

The Lowertown Line
The Lowertown Line  (13 episodes) Various 2013-2017