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Living Beyond Cancer
Living Beyond Cancer  (3 episodes) Various

Lady Of The Gunflint Trail
Lady Of The Gunflint Trail 0:29:00 08/22/1980
Living in a log cabin she built herself, paddling and portaging her own canoe, Justine Kerfoot, 74, learned from her Indian neighbors how to survive and prosper in the woods. Kerfoot's remarkable...

Live From Lunds
Live From Lunds 0:08:29 02/01/1983
An artistic take on grocery shopping at Lunds. Keep an eye out for Snow White.

Littlest Immigrant
Littlest Immigrant 0:25:15 04/01/1983
An in-depth look at Korean adoptions in the U.S. Thousands of children came to the U.S. from Korea per year in the early 80's, what was life like during the transition process and how are they...

Land O Loons
Land O Loons 0:57:30 02/06/1989
A Minnesota comedy extravaganza featuring Louie Anderson, Jeff Cesario, Susan Vass, Theatre de la Jeune Lune and many more. Hosted by Alex Cole.