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Native Mens
Native Mens' Barriers to Health Care 0:26:40 11/01/2009
A panel discussion that explores barriers to seeking health care among Native American men. Co-produced w/ MN Dept Human Services.

Nest Of Singing Birds
Nest Of Singing Birds 0:28:37 08/08/1980
While this isn't New York, Poets and poetry have thrived in the Midwest. This is the story of a few of them.

Never Stop Singing
Never Stop Singing 0:56:40 06/07/2009
Minnesota is renowned for its outstanding choral music. Explore that passion with musicians & composers in a co-production with producer Peter Myers.

New Energy
New Energy 0:28:56 01/07/2007
A fresh look at how the Midwest is creating a green energy economy. Co-produced with Windustry.

New Learning Landscapes
New Learning Landscapes 0:26:41 01/29/2012
New Learning Landscapes highlights three educational programs that are preparing rural high school students for college & beyond. Co-produced w/ MN State Colleges & Universities.