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Jackson & Komunyakaa: Power of the Word
Jackson & Komunyakaa: Power of the Word 0:56:40 06/12/2011
Poets Gary Jackson and Yusef Komunyakaa read and discuss their work; co-produced with the Givens Foundation for African American Literature.

James J. Hill: Empire Builder
James J. Hill: Empire Builder 0:29:11 01/09/2006
Railroad baron James J. Hill was one of the most powerful and richest men in the 19th century's Gilded Age, and he wielded his influence from his home on St. Paul's Summit Avenue.

Jane Goodall: Reason For Hope 0:56:46 08/01/1999
Scientist/conservationist Jane Goodall is one of the world's most admired women, and her pioneering study of chimpanzees has been the subject of numerous books and National Geographic specials. This...

Jethro And Friends
Jethro And Friends 0:55:07 08/06/1984
For 39 years, Jethro was half of one of the greatest comedy teams of all time, Homer and Jethro. Take a look back at his history, his comedy, and get ready to laugh out loud.

Joining Forces
Joining Forces  (4 episodes) Various 2007-2008