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I SING BECAUSE I CAN'T FLY 0:28:49 03/27/1992
An inside look at singer, song writer Claudia Schmidt's life at home and on the road.

If A Road Runs Through It
If A Road Runs Through It 0:26:30 10/28/2007
The community of Avon Hills struggles to preserve a once rural landscape of farms, wetlands and forests in the face of the ever expanding development. Co-produced with St. John's University.

Immigration And The New Arizona Law
Immigration And The New Arizona Law 0:56:40 12/12/2010
Scholars and advocates discuss Arizona’s new legislation views on the Arizona law and issues of immigration. A Co production of St. Thomas School of Law ant TPT’s MN Channel.

Improving Your Home
Improving Your Home's Performance 0:26:41 08/09/2015
Experts and homeowners demonstrate the improvements that can make any house healthier, safer - and cheaper to heat and cool.

IN RECITAL  (3 episodes) Various 1989-1991