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Half Life
Half Life 0:47:59 11/19/1986
Leaving his small town life behind, Oswald heads for the big city, Minneapolis. He was looking for an adventure and he found one.

Health and Climate
Health and Climate 0:26:41 04/20/2014
Minnesota's climate is changing in ways that will affect human health. Minnesotans consider what they can do to adapt. Produced with the Minnesota Department of Health.

Health Care: Models For Change
Health Care: Models For Change 0:26:40 08/24/2008
Everybody is affected by health care. Looking for change in the current system, policy-makers from the industry came together to hear what outsiders think of the U.S. health care system, as well as...

Health Focus: One Community's Effort 0:26:40 09/28/2014
Discovering the interests of their citizens allows one community the opportunity to create healthy changes. See how focusing on how people want to live, work, and play builds the foundation of a...

Health Leadership: Action Steps
Health Leadership: Action Steps 0:58:18 01/06/2008
The social determinants of health are examined to see how they effect health and health care outcomes.