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Genocide Again: Darfur
Genocide Again: Darfur 0:26:40 03/08/2009
Eyewitnesses and experts on the causes of genocide and the ongoing confilct in Darfur; co-produced with the UM Center for Holocaust & Genocide Studies

Getting a Handle On Diabetes 0:26:41 02/24/2013
Health care providers and experts in Germany and Minnesota share innovative approaches to treating diabetes and controlling costs, using new technology to manage the disease and improved public...

Getting Right with AIDS
Getting Right with AIDS 0:26:40 11/16/2008
The story of African Americans staying strong and well while facing HIV disease.

Getting There
Getting There  (23 episodes) Various 2008-2017

GLOBAL HEALTH & SECURITY 0:28:00 02/29/2004
With HIV/AIDS, SARS, tuberculosis and bio-terrorism threatening the health and safety of nearly every country of the world, Dr. Brundtland has effectively led the U.N.'s World Health Organization...