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A Day To Remember 0:22:41 01/01/1982
National tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

A Day to Remember
A Day to Remember 0:22:43 06/01/1978
15 years after Martin Luther King, Jr. gave his famous speech on Washington, people gathered to hear the message again. Get the inside story of the march and the people who made it possible and hear...

Dakota Conflict
Dakota Conflict 0:56:25 01/27/1993
Explores the causes, events and aftermath of the fierce fighting that broke out in 1862 between Minnesota's white European settlers and the native people of the state.

Dakota Exile
Dakota Exile 0:56:17 06/28/1996
Beginning in 1862, the federal and state government began to drive the Dakota people from Minnesota. The story of their exile is told through the words of Dakota elders and tribal historians.

Dance In The Dark
Dance In The Dark 0:56:46 01/15/2008
The organization Pathways, a health crisis resource center, offer therapy and education in mind, body and spirit to those in life-threatening illnesses.