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A Begining ,A Middle, A End 0:28:05 01/01/1980
The process of creating the new production Revolution of Heavenly Orbs at Cricket Theatre.

A Bold Experiment: Met Council at 40
A Bold Experiment: Met Council at 40 0:27:50 06/10/2007
This program sums up the Met Council's 40 years of guiding the growth of the Twin Cities.

Be There: Dads Matter
Be There: Dads Matter 0:27:10 08/30/2009
This is a program aimed at creating an understanding of the positive impact and role of involved fathers. Co-produced by Dads Make a Difference.

Begger Arts In A Corporate Town 0:29:04 06/16/1980
A look at corporate funding of the arts in the Twin Cities.

Belief Bowl 2015: The Growth Mindset
Belief Bowl 2015: The Growth Mindset 0:56:41 11/15/2015
Third- to eighth-grade African American students compete in language arts and math affirming the power of the growth mindset. Produced with the Stairstep Foundation.