Tales Of The Road: Highway 61 | Tales Of The Road: Highway 61

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Description: Tales of the Road-Highway 61 is a scenic, historic 440 mile trip with host Cathy Wurzer down iconic Highway 61 revisiting the early days of automobile travel. Using an old travel guide, Cathy drives a period Cadillac the length of Minnesota Highway 61 exploring the secrets of places long gone and spinning stories about people from the past. From the Pigeon River on the Canadian Border, the memorable road trip stops at many well-known, scenic places along the North Shore before heading south, stopping at Barnum where cows and chickens saved the town in its early days. Bootleggers used to cross the St. Croix River at the Rush City Ferry. Ghosts are said to inhabit the Sheldon Theater in Red Wing. Gangsters reportedly would escape from the cops using underground tunnels at the Oaks Nightclub outside of Winona.Today's travelers may wonder about historic buildings, abandoned sites and fading structures they see along the highway. Cathy unearths stories about those places and more as she travels down the road and into the past, spotlighting fascinating locations, many of them little remembered today.Cathy Wurzer is host of Morning Edition on Minnesota Public Radio and cohost of Almanac on Twin Cities Public Television. She has been honored with four Emmys for her work on Almanac.

Original Broadcast: 03/23/2009

Length: 00:58:32