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Almanac : Lake Superior Poet 00:03:13 06/23/2006
Mary Lahammer begins a series of reports from up North. Her first stop is Split Rock Lighthouse, where she talks with poet James Armstrong, author of Blue Lash.

Almanac : Land of Amber Waters 00:06:59 11/02/2007
That's the name of a history of Minnesota Brewing authored by Doug Hoverson. The book is published by the U of M Press and Doug will drop by and bring along some old photos and memorabilia.

Newsnight Minnesota : Learning Park Kids: Rajay Nayar 00:02:09 04/17/2001
Excerpt of Rajay Nayar of Royal Oaks Elementary's letter to President Bush about the homeless on Learning Park TV

Portrait : Looking for a Purpose 00:05:15 05/07/1991
Pate found his writing gift in the most unusual place, the Navy. Looking for purpose in his life, Pate thought the Navy could give that to him, but he found writing was his true calling. Now a...

Portrait : Mark Frost 00:25:32 12/03/1992
His television writing credits include Twin Peaks, Hill Street Blues and The Six Million Dollar Man. Ex-Minnesotan Mark Frost, talks about Hollywood, success, and his first novel.

Almanac : Mary Ann Grossmann 00:06:38 04/15/2011
This week St. Paul Pioneer Press reporter Mary Ann Grossmann celebrated 50 years on the job. We figured that -- at the very least -- earned her a seat at the Almanac table with Cathy and Eric.

Newsnight Minnesota : Mary Casanova 00:05:01 04/11/2001
Jim Neumann profiles Minnesota Books Award nominee Mary Casanova, author of her two books -- "Curse of a Winter Moon" and "The Hunter."

Portrait : Maternal Bonds 00:04:01 05/29/1991
Natalie Kusz talks about the close relationship she had with her mother and how difficult it was when she passed away.

Prized Writers : Matters of Fact 00:26:40 03/30/2014
Award-winning authors David Lebedoff ("Cleaning Up") and Jack El-Hai ("The Lobotomist") trade stories and recommendations from their experiences creating non-fiction. Produced with Friends of the...

Arts On 2 : Maya Angelou 00:09:50 04/07/1994
Maya Angelou shares how creative people, like herself, keep going.

Almanac : Media Panel 00:13:13 02/25/2011
Media coverage --old style and new-- of the revolutions in the Arab world. That is one of the topics discussed this week by media panelists John Rash, David Brauer and Julio Ojeda-Zapata.

Almanac : Meet Pete Hautman 00:05:51 03/25/2011
He's a Minnesota author and he sat down with Cathy Wurzer for the latest edition of our author chats.

Great Ktca Read-A-Thon : Minnesota's Best 00:14:25 09/28/1987
Minnesota has some of the best female authors around. Meet a few of them and pick up one of their books.

Minnesota Original : Nancy Carlson 00:06:40 05/05/2011
Nancy Carlson has illustrated and authored more than 60 childrens books. Her first was a story about her beloved dog Harriet. The brightest moments are when young students say, Youre the person who...

Portrait : Nancy Paddock 00:28:14 06/04/1991
As a young girl living in St. Paul, Nancy Paddock's idea of the great outdoors was the backyard of her parents' home. Later, her experiences in nature transformed her into an environmental activist....