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Almanac : Early Pro Hockey History 00:04:59 04/08/2011
Ever hear of Doc Romnes and Cully Dahlstrom? They are two of the pioneering NHL players who called Minnesota home early in the last century. We talked with hockey historian Roger Godin about his new...

Almanac : Edward R. Murrow Awards 00:09:18 07/12/2002
A local TV journalist will be honored this fall with an Edward R. Murrow award for writing. KARE-11's Boyd Huppert joins us at the table.

Wyld Ryce : Erica Jong 00:03:26 01/24/1979
In her third book of poems Loveroot, Jong shares the back story behind her poem about Collette.

Almanac : Finding Betty Crocker 00:05:12 04/15/2005
Hey, no one even told us she was missing!! Finding Betty Crocker is the name of a new book by Minnesotan Susan Marks about the famous woman at General Mills.

Newsnight Minnesota : Football History 00:05:28 11/22/2000
Discussion with author Ross Bernstein. Ross wrote a book looking at the history of Minnesota football called "Pigskin Pride."

Portrait : Frederick Manfred 00:27:11 06/21/1993
Frederick Manfred shares his experiences and lifestyle about writing and living as an author who has produced 24 novels and half a dozen volumes of short stories, poems and essays.

Portrait : Garrison Keillor 00:27:38 04/29/1991
He is a household name in Minnesota and is most known for A Prairie Home Companion. Now living in New York, the great storyteller returns to his native home.

Almanac : Great Joy 00:05:33 10/12/2007
Author Kate DiCamillo stops by to talk about her new picture book, Great Joy.

Newsnight Minnesota : Harlan Quist 00:06:15 12/04/2000
Harlan Quist, a native Iron Ranger, received accolades in Europe for his children's stories. Ken Stone talks with Mary Jo Pauly at Minnesota Book Arts about what it's like to obtain critical acclaim...

Almanac: At the Capitol : Headlines 00:07:58 02/27/2008
The environment takes center stage in the House, Senate and with Gov. Pawlenty. Plus, Robert Bly becomes our state's first official poet laureate.

Almanac : Hmong in Minnesota 00:07:24 02/01/2008
It's the latest in the People of Minnesota series by the Minnesota Historical Society Press. Author Chia Youyee Vang talks about how she put the history book together.

Almanac : Home: Tom Arndt's Minnesota 00:05:40 03/27/2009
For more than forty years Tom Arndt has quietly captured images of the people of Minnesota on his camera. And they've been collected in a new book by the U of M Press. Tom joins us to talk about...

Almanac : Jacob's Well 00:07:36 02/22/2008
It's a family memoir written by Joe Amato published this month by the Minnesota Historical Society Press. In the book, Amato makes the case for rethinking how family histories are written.

NewsNight Minnesota : Journalists 00:08:27 05/25/2000
TPT's Don't Believe The Hype crew looks at what is it like being a journalist of color. Hype crew member Stephanie Zeno profiles Dave Huddleston, Vineeta Sawkar and our own Lou Harvin.

Portrait : Judith Ann (Heart Warrior) Chosa 00:26:19 05/23/1991
Heart Warrior Chosa's home in the Boundary Waters is four hours by canoe from the nearest town. She's a member of the Ojibwe tribe and is a single mother. In her third-party bid for governor in 1990,...

Arts On 2 : Judy Bloom 00:09:09 02/01/1994
Fans of Judy Bloom speak to her and share their thoughts on her books, puberty, and adolescence.

Minnesota Original : Ka Vang 00:05:58 02/10/2013
Writer Ka Vang gives voice to Hmong immigrants by writing about the Hmong-American experience.

Almanac : Kate DiCamillo 00:05:52 09/16/2005
The Newbery Award winning author has written a new book... and it's a departure from her previous kiddie lit efforts. Kate sits down with Cathy and Eric to chat about "Mercy Watson to the Rescue."

Almanac : Kate DiCamillo Profile 00:04:58 09/17/2010
Did you miss this week's Minnesota Original program? If so, we have an excerpt from a profile by Emily Goldberg of Newbery Award-winning children's author Kate DiCamillo.

Almanac : Kevin Kling Talks Storytelling 00:07:43 10/27/2007
The King of the Offbeat talks about his new collection of autobiographical stories, The Dog Says How.

Almanac : Lake Superior Poet 00:03:13 06/23/2006
Mary Lahammer begins a series of reports from up North. Her first stop is Split Rock Lighthouse, where she talks with poet James Armstrong, author of Blue Lash.

Almanac : Land of Amber Waters 00:06:59 11/02/2007
That's the name of a history of Minnesota Brewing authored by Doug Hoverson. The book is published by the U of M Press and Doug will drop by and bring along some old photos and memorabilia.

Newsnight Minnesota : Learning Park Kids: Rajay Nayar 00:02:09 04/17/2001
Excerpt of Rajay Nayar of Royal Oaks Elementary's letter to President Bush about the homeless on Learning Park TV

Portrait : Looking for a Purpose 00:05:15 05/07/1991
Pate found his writing gift in the most unusual place, the Navy. Looking for purpose in his life, Pate thought the Navy could give that to him, but he found writing was his true calling. Now a...

Portrait : Mark Frost 00:25:32 12/03/1992
His television writing credits include Twin Peaks, Hill Street Blues and The Six Million Dollar Man. Ex-Minnesotan Mark Frost, talks about Hollywood, success, and his first novel.