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Almanac : Author Chat with Peter Geye 00:05:44 10/01/2010
Peter has just published his first novel. Cathy Wurzer will ask him all about it as part of her occasional conversations with authors.

Almanac : Beyond the Sports Huddle 00:06:19 09/19/2008
Dave Mona has been in the thick of the Minnesota sports scene for forty years. And now he's written a book about it.

Almanac : Campaign Notebook 00:05:50 09/29/2006
Check out Mary's notebook this week for the world according to local political blogs. Remember to go to our "Minnesota Speaks" page (look for the button on this page) to stream or download Mary's...

Portrait : Carol Bly 00:26:30 06/17/1991
Carol Bly argues that true art is moral and seems to improve life. She believes that the ethical issues of our time are too important to be left to the politicians. She's a teacher, lectures and...

Nighttimes Magazine : Carolyn Forche 00:12:57 12/08/1983
Poet Carolyn Forche shares her work and her life in El Salvador.

Portrait : Changing Perceptions 00:03:24 05/29/1991
Natalie Kusz discusses how the accident and subsequent surgeries affected her family and their dealings with other people.

Almanac : Chatting about Books 00:05:17 04/15/2011
Malcolm O'Hagan wants to create a museum dedicated to American Writers. He talks about this dream with Cathy Wurzer in our real leather comfy chairs.

Almanac : Christmas: A Candid History 00:06:16 12/21/2007
It's a new book about the holiday's roots by Minneapolis author Bruce David Forbes. By day, Forbes teaches religion at Morningside College in Sioux City, Iowa.

Almanac : E-Democracy 00:04:39 10/13/2006
We're going to e-chat at the Almanac e-table with e-democracy guest Steven Clift. Steven Clift is currently running an online Gubernatorial Debate on the e-democracy website. Check it out at:...

Portrait : Early Motherhood 00:03:58 05/29/1991
After becoming pregnant at 16, Natalie Kusz decided to become a teenage parent - the day before her daughter was born.

Almanac : Early Pro Hockey History 00:04:59 04/08/2011
Ever hear of Doc Romnes and Cully Dahlstrom? They are two of the pioneering NHL players who called Minnesota home early in the last century. We talked with hockey historian Roger Godin about his new...

Almanac : Edward R. Murrow Awards 00:09:18 07/12/2002
A local TV journalist will be honored this fall with an Edward R. Murrow award for writing. KARE-11's Boyd Huppert joins us at the table.

Wyld Ryce : Erica Jong 00:03:26 01/24/1979
In her third book of poems Loveroot, Jong shares the back story behind her poem about Collette.

Almanac : Finding Betty Crocker 00:05:12 04/15/2005
Hey, no one even told us she was missing!! Finding Betty Crocker is the name of a new book by Minnesotan Susan Marks about the famous woman at General Mills.

Newsnight Minnesota : Football History 00:05:28 11/22/2000
Discussion with author Ross Bernstein. Ross wrote a book looking at the history of Minnesota football called "Pigskin Pride."