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Iron Range: A People's History 00:58:59 01/04/2006
Iron Range elders and historians tell the dramatic history of this little-known area of our state.

Greatest Generation Showcase 2: The War 00:58:46 09/29/2007
A co-production with the Minnesota Historical Society showcases the 2007 award-winning videos about Minnesotans during WWII.

Our Origins: Exploring The Human Spark 00:26:39 01/24/2010
Questions regarding human origins & evolution are explored by researchers working across many disciplines; in association w/ the Science Museum of MN.

Minnesota Native Showcase 00:25:38 11/18/2007
Two native filmmakers; Elias Funaro, Dakota, and Rick Anderson, Ojibwe, share their films on the language and cultural resurgence in their communities.

American Genocide And Justice 00:57:50 01/27/2007
Gerald Vizenor, proposes establishing tribunals to prosecute perpetrators of crimes against humanity and Native American Indians. Co-produced w/ UM IAS.

First Speakers: Restoring the Ojibwe Language 00:56:40 11/01/2010
A language is lost every fourteen days. One of those endangered tongues is Minnesota’s own Ojibwe language. Now a new generation of Ojibwe scholars and educators are racing against time to save the...

Stories Next Door 00:26:45 08/21/2011
Communities throughout the state brought youth and seniors together to record and celebrate local history. Co-produced by MHS

Album : Album: Dr. Aufderheide 00:24:39 03/15/1990
His growing fascination with anthropology and archaeology led him all over the world in search of long lost cultures.

Minnesota Original : Allen Downs Project 00:08:17 01/26/2014
Allen Downs Life and Work: Winter Quarter in Mexico commemorated the 40th anniversary of Downs art-based study abroad program.

Almanac : Almanac News Quiz!! 00:58:11 12/28/2001
It's fun... it's wacky... heck, it's even informative!! Join Eric and Cathy and J.G. and Mary (and her dad) as two teams of contestants spar for the glory of their cities. Minneapolis is represented...

Almanac : An Easter Weekend Forecast 00:06:40 04/22/2011
Paul Douglas gave us a warm Sunday forecast along with a bigger picture look at our chilly Spring.

Almanac : Anoka Motor Racing 00:03:32 08/25/2006
Mary Lahammer tells you about the rich history of motorcycle racing and the State Fair. This is an excerpt of our upcoming Hands on History special on Anoka.

Newsnight Minnesota : Arctic Cats: Antarctica Explorers 00:05:28 03/20/2001
Jim Neumann talks with Antarctic explorers Ann Bancroft and Liv Arnesen (from Sweden) about their recent expedition to Antarctica. [home video b-roll of expedition.]

Newsnight Minnesota : Cave Women 00:05:45 06/14/2001
Lou Harvin interviews Nancy Aulenback & Dr. Hazel Barton at the Minnesota Science Museum. Barton & Aulenback are 'cave explorers' and are featured in a new Omni Theatre production.

Almanac : Comic Books and More Comic Books 00:07:04 02/29/2008
John Borger has collected comics his whole life, amassing a collection of more than one hundred thousand. His decision to donate them to the U of M is the subject of an upcoming story in...

Almanac : Courthouses of Minnesota 00:05:32 05/12/2006
Photographer Doug Ohman and author Mary Logue join us to talk about the newest book in the Minnesota Byways series.

Newsnight Minnesota : Dinosaur Lady: T-Rex Sue 00:03:56 11/02/2000
Lou Harvin live-on-location at the Science Museum talks dinosaurs with Sue Henderickson -- she found the largest T-Rex dinosaur discovered to date near Faith, South Dakota.

Almanac : Dolley Madison the TV Show 00:07:11 02/26/2010
Tpt has produced another national documentary about early American history. "Dolley Madison" will air this Monday night on the acclaimed PBS series American Experience. Tpt Executive Producer...

Newsnight Minnesota : Enola Gay Pilot 00:07:47 08/06/2001
Lou Harvin talks with General Paul Tibbits, retired "Enola Gay" pilot, who dropped the first A-bomb on Hiroshima, Japan during World War II.

Minnesota Original : Ethnology Collections: Science Museum of Minnesota 00:06:01 04/28/2011
The Science Museum of Minnesota preserves a collection of over 10,000 Native American objects. Nearly 1,500 objects in the collection are from the Dakota and Anishinabe tribes. According to Curator...

The People of the Big Lake : Full Show 00:54:57 12/16/2012
The traditions of the Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe, shown in historic film footage and today, demonstrates the importance of family, relationships and cultural continuity among this Band from central...

Almanac : Hands-on History Hamms 00:05:10 10/06/2006
On November 1, tpt viewers can tune in to the three latest installments in our Almanac Hands-on History series as we explore Minnetonka, Anoka and St. Paul's Dayton's Bluff neighborhood. We have for...

Almanac : Hidden Lake Minnetonka 00:05:40 07/28/2006
When European settlers arrived in Minnesota it took them years to find out about Lake Minnetonka. Why were Native Americans so protective of the lake? That's one of the stories you learn as Mary...

Almanac : Historian Annette Atkins 00:06:52 05/09/2008
Annette has the honor of being the first of several historians we will have on this month talking about what it means to them to celebrate Minnesota's 150th birthday. Atkins is a professor of history...

Almanac : Historian Chat 00:06:37 05/30/2008
We bring you the fourth and final installment of our Sesquicentennial Historian discussions, This week our guest is Bill Green. While many know him as the Superintendent of Minneapolis Schools, Green...