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A Bold Experiment: Met Council at 40 00:27:50 06/10/2007
This program sums up the Met Council's 40 years of guiding the growth of the Twin Cities.

Our Environment And Our Health 00:56:39 03/29/2009
The environment we live in has profound impacts on our health, especially the health of our children.

Food, Fuel And Climate Change 00:26:40 03/15/2009
The effects of climate change are discussed by explorer Will Steger, agricultural and land use experts from Austria and America, and farmers who face the impact and challenges every day.

Energizing The Future: The Quiet Crisis 00:56:53 05/19/2007
Scientific thought-leader Dr. Shirley Jackson discusses the importance of science education in the quest for new energies. Co-produced with The Bakken Museum.

Growing Up Healthy: Kids And Communities 00:26:39 08/23/2009
A healthy community offers children early learning opportunities, safe and affordable housing, and a clean environment in which to grow up. Growing Up Healthy Kids and Communities introduces you to...

Fresh Water: An Almanac Special Edition 00:24:45 02/13/2005
A compilation of segments in TPT's series examining issues related to the planet's dwindling supply of this life-giving resource. This 30- minute program includes reports from northeastern and...

Chronic Wasting Disease: A Statewide Briefing 00:26:12 10/28/2002
Discussion about wasting disease found in deer in northern Minnesota.

Minnesota's Deadliest Tornadoes 00:27:39 10/08/2009
Minnesota’s Deadliest Tornadoes is the history of three tornadoes in Rochester, St.Cloud and Appleton, Minnesota. Weather gurus Paul Douglas and Mark Seeley help Mary Lahammer tell the human impact...

Shaping the Urban Environment 00:56:39 12/06/2009
Challenges and choices facing communities developing land in an environment of scarce and fragile natural resources; with the UMN Metro Consortium.

Green Cities: Leading the Way 00:27:06 10/26/2008
Exploring sustainability efforts throughout Minnesota by profiling several cities around the state. Coproduction w/ League of MN Cities.

Forests And Minnesota's Rural Economy 00:55:49 02/07/2010
Minnesota’s rural communities look at productive uses of the abundant forests in ways that ensure an environmental legacy. A co-production with the Blandin Foundation.

If A Road Runs Through It 00:26:30 10/28/2007
The community of Avon Hills struggles to preserve a once rural landscape of farms, wetlands and forests in the face of the ever expanding development. Co-produced with St. John's University.

Upstream Health Leadership Award 00:27:24 02/04/2007
Winona LaDuke discusses her work on the White Earth Land Recovery Project. Co-produced with Blue Cross Blue Shield of MN Foundation

Tourism In Minnesota: Ideas At Play 00:26:14 12/06/2009
The impact of tourism on community building and economic growth in Minnesota communities. With UM Extension and The UM Tourism Center.

Outdoor Recreation In Decline 00:58:06 10/27/2007
An examination of the decline in outdoor recreation and its impact on society. Co-produced with the DNR.

Great Waters Gone Bad 00:26:39 07/16/2006
A program about impaired waters and their impact on economic development. Co-produced w/League of Minnesota Cities.

Minnesota's National Park Legacy 00:27:59 10/04/2009
Minnesota’s National Park Legacy showcases the variety of ALL the National Parks sites and trails in MN. Co-production with NPS sites across MN.

Land Matters: Rethinking Main Street 00:56:39 10/25/2009
Thriving, attractive commercial development design strategies presented by landscape architect Randall Arendt. Co-produced with 1000 Friends of MN.

Minnesota's Deadliest Blizzards 00:26:40 11/11/2010
tpt's Mary Lahammer tells the history of three deadly Minnesota blizzards along with meteorologist Paul Douglas, climatologist Mark Seeley and historian Hy Berman. 1880s's Laura Ingalls Wilder...

Almanac : A New State Park? 00:05:02 01/15/2010
There was a breakthrough Friday in creating a new state park on the shores of Lake Vermilion. DNR Commissioner Mark Holsten is our live guest.