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Greatest Generation Showcase 2: The War 00:58:46 09/29/2007
A co-production with the Minnesota Historical Society showcases the 2007 award-winning videos about Minnesotans during WWII.

Almanac : An Evening with Ken Burns 00:03:41 09/14/2007
On September 5, the filmmaker was in Minnesota to talk about his seven-part series The War and why WWII continues to be so important.

Newsnight Minnesota : Enola Gay Pilot 00:07:47 08/06/2001
Lou Harvin talks with General Paul Tibbits, retired "Enola Gay" pilot, who dropped the first A-bomb on Hiroshima, Japan during World War II.

Album : Flying With Lightning 00:30:01 04/16/2009
Richard Ira Bong is America's top fighter Ace. How did a kids from a small town in Wisconsin grow up to earn the Congressional Medal of Honor, become a national hero, and secure a significant spot in...

Newsnight Minnesota : Holocaust Remembrance 00:07:10 04/23/2001
Live discussion with local Holocaust film director Bain Boehlke and Joannie Sussman about remembering the holocaust and its survivors.