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Encounters With Minnesota Artists : Becoming a Writer 00:10:15 03/30/1980
"It isn't just a case of sitting down and pounding a typewriter. It's a case of having an idea, a dream, that's got to come out."

Encounters With Minnesota Artists : Fall Turns to Winter 00:04:42 03/30/1980
"Autumn, with its excitements and color, a violent climax to softness and plenty. Winter, a quiet acceptance of what is to come."

Encounters With Minnesota Artists : His Wilderness World 00:09:12 03/30/1980
For nearly 60 years, Sigurd Olson lived in Ely, Minnesota, writing about wilderness preservation from "his shack."

Encounters With Minnesota Artists : Hope of the World 00:01:58 03/30/1980
Just as saplings represent a forest's future, Olson sees the next generation as the best hope for preserving beautiful places.

Encounters With Minnesota Artists : The Coming of Spring 00:01:29 03/30/1980
"One has to live in the North all winter to appreciate the coming of spring.... One cannot begin to understand the miracle - for a miracle it is, the grandest and most exciting in nature."